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About Sage

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Your Personal Health and Wellness Coach
In 1996, Sage began her journey into health and wellness shortly after the birth of her son. When Sage had trouble getting her son to sleep she put him in his four wheeled stroller and began walking and eventually running him around her neighborhood. Although she couldn’t even imagine running one mile she decided that she might try intermittent walking and running from light post to light post. Soon she discovered that the weight from her pregnancy peeled right off. From then on she was hooked and exercise became her passion. In 1998 she began weightlifting at the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland and watched her body continue to transform. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from Prescott College she began to study for her personal training certification through National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). In 2004 she ventured out on her own and started Sage Fitness. In 2009 she became certified in both yoga and Ancient Thai Massage. She also ran her first half marathon in New York City. Sage competed in her first figure competition about 10 years ago and although time has passed, the idea of competing again has never ceased. Throughout the years people have often asked if she was training for a competition because of her relentless work ethic and physique. Compelled to do it again, in the fall of 2014 she dedicated herself to compete again at one of the nations most elite body building events, Orlando Europa 2015. The decision was not an easy one- being on a specific diet and exhausting fitness routine was constantly pushing her out of her comfort zone and testing her mental fortitude  daily. Of course, in the grand scheme of life this event didn’t change the world. Similar though to our everyday goals and challenges, this changed her world. A personal battle was fought and she completed it victoriously. It’s a victory that she would like to share with you. She’d love nothing more than to assist and congratulate you as you reach your own goals, whatever those may be. Witnessing someone push aside their own fears and blazing their own trail in life is a rewarding experience for Sage that she can never get enough of.


  • Personal Trainer NSCA-CPT
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Advanced Kettlebell Instructor
  • Nutrition for Professionals, Continuing Education NSCA (Lifestyle Management Associates
  • Active Isolated Stretching (Aaron L. Mattes)
  • Therapeutic Yoga: Bridging Ancient Practices with Traditional
  • Therapy Techniques (Cross Country Education)
  • Ancient Thai Massage (LagoCph/ Peter Kaaberbol Kristensen)


fitness philosophy
As a woman in her 40’s Sage can attest that the closest thing to the fountain of youth is consistent excercise and healthy eating. Both lifting weights and pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable are very effective ways toward giving you the ability to design your own life. Sage encourages everyone to be passionate in engineering their lives in order to eventually reach their full potential. As a child explores the world that surrounds them, you too should experiment with your own abilities – intensify your activities to reach past your prior limits before age or habits limit your potential. Sage believes you reap what you sow. Feed your body goodness and goodness you will receive. If you focus your mind on the positive, then you will bring more positive into your life. This also holds true for the body. If you feed your body healthy foods and exercise then you will bring more positive energy into your life.
Everyone is worthy of being healthy, strong and powerful. No one is perfect and there is only the pursuit of better. We are all flawed so we must focus on those aspects of ourselves that we wish to grow. Think of evolving yourself into someone more powerful and capable, even in the moments you feel anything but. Through her flaws and her own transgressions, Sage is empathic to your needs and encourages you while building on your strengths. Her goal is to push you past the gym and the occaional healthy eating to the road less traveled – to entirely embrace a more fit and healthy lifestyle.