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Physical training with Sage has helped Fotis before and after a life altering surgical procedure.
Melody just renewed her commitment to being fit – In a short time she’s learned to be more disciplined as she eats healthier while working past her physical limits.
  • "I didn't know anything about lifting weights or what kind of workout I should do when I walked into a gym . I was more of a cardio girl , but I was getting tired of it because I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I was completely out of shape and I had this goal of getting that bikini body I for so long dreamed of. I can't thank Sage enough for everything she has taught me. I'm not afraid of lifting anymore, I even love lifting now! Sage not only introduced me to weights and this beautiful world of fitness, but most importantly she helped me gain my confidence back. She never doubted me and she saw something inside of me that I didn't know I had. Every training session she pushed me further and further than where I thought I could go. Sage helped me get my sexy back! I can't thank you enough for that Sage! Your are an amazing friend and trainer that has a very special spot in my heart! Hands down best trainer in Orlando!"

    Cecilia Alcala Advocare Advisor
  • "Sage is an excellent trainer; the perfect combination of intensity and motivation. She has pushed my boundaries and improved my strength, both physically and mentally. She is very supportive and knows the path well because she has been through it. Sage continues to encourage me through my struggles, challenge me at my plateaus and supports my (sometimes crazy) goals."

    Gaia Gebbia
  • "Sage pushes me beyond what I even think I am capable of! When I learned I had a bulging disc, I was extremely disappointed due to all the restrictions placed on me. Sage continues to challenge me and helped me ensure the bulging disc was not a barrier. She places a lot of emphasis on correct form which I greatly appreciate! I highly recommend Sage to anyone looking to improve their fitness. She will provide you honest feedback and bring out the best in you. "

    Rina Maldonado, Manager Darden
  • "Sage is a fountain energy, making sure each session is personable and focused on the overall goal. She throws in a little fun while pursuing the objective of building muscle, losing pounds and in the end, increasing self-confidence."

    Anthony Monforte, Supervisor Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems
  • "Sage has been a friend for more than 10 years. Prior to me pursuing my ARNP I trained with her and instantaneously my fellow gym rats and close friends were complementing me and asking me what I was doing different. I can attribute it to Sage Hansen! She pushes a person beyond their perceived capabilities...her creative workouts get results! This fierce friend is a sexy, intelligent, motivating, mom and badass trainer."

    Stacey Zingoni ARNP

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