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3 Effective and Efficient Nutrition Tips for Women

3 Effective and Efficient Nutrition Tips for Women

Hey ladies!

You don’t always have to drastically cut your calories or deprive yourself of any foods (bread and dessert included). Pay attention to your portions, what and why you’re eating. Are you feeling hungry or just having a snack attack cravings? Maybe a glass of water will curb your appetite before you really should be eating. Here’s a few other tips that may help:

1) Have two breakfasts. Women generally eat too little before rushing out the door. Have a little something before you leave the house and then another light snack later in the morning. Doing so will keep your blood sugar stable and leave you with fewer cravings or energy dips.

2) Have at least 3 colors on your plate at every meal. Adding colorful veggies and fruits to your foods can liven up a same ole same ole meal. The brighter the better-brightly colored vegetables tend to have more antioxidants, which lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Try some red peppers in an omelette or spinach instead of iceberg lettuce in your lunch time wrap.

3) Eat more mindfully. I know we’ve been conditioned to constantly multi task but if we’re preoccupied with something else during a meal, we tend to over eat. Savoring your delicious healthy meal is a good thing!

Most Importantly Love Yourself Above All Else,


Sage Hansen