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Healthy eating choices – tips for dining out and recipes for home


Healthy eating choices – tips for dining out and recipes for home

FruitYes, please…EAT and enjoy it!

Here’s a few basic changes that can make a difference in your diet at home and when eating out.
1) Eggs aren’t just for breakfast! As amazing as they are, those little guys have 6 grams of fat each. I know, it’s not much but your “hungry man” omelet can really kick start a caloric overload. Fix this problem by asking for egg whites or combining 1 egg with the whites.
2) When eating out PLEASE ask for no additional butter! If you’ve gotta scratch that creamy itch then get it on the side. It’s insane how liberal a restaurant is with it.
3) Watch that cheese! We all love it but like our buddy the butter, it will throw off your health game quick. 1 ounce can have over 8 grams of fat…have you noticed how small an ounce of cheese is?? Crazy. Get it sliced extra thin for a sandwich or use 2% low fat (do yourself a favor and avoid the fat free. Blah!). Try goat cheese, reduced fat feta or parmesan. All full of flavor so a little goes a long way.

Bottom line is that this is YOUR body- don’t be afraid to be specific with what you want. There are so many people with food allergies and dietary concerns…you are not alone:) Being open minded to eating the food you love but in a different way can be really rewarding too. Tasting the actual food more than a condiment is a good thing!

All this food talk has me hungry- lets eat!!!


Sage Hansen