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You Are Always Worth It

You Are Always Worth It

A new job, failed relationship, moving, realizing your child is no longer a child, the loss of a loved one…they’re only a handful of the many challenges life gives us. Through the array of emotions and
uncertainty, joy, pain and disarray, we often realize we can’t do it all. Something has to give and it usually begins with us. What used to be a consistent five times per week of fitness slowly changes to three, or
one, or even none.

Those sacred times at the gym, on a bike or running on a wooded trail meant more than just sweat and burnt calories. We felt strong, empowered and most importantly proud. Now we’re the person we once
were, unlike the one you are now. Being short on time, energy and passion has taken you to a far away place of “used to be.” I used to be in shape. I used to eat well. I used to have energy. Life’s glitches can be a thief to them all- but only if you let it. We all stumble and getting up is often difficult. Retaining that one ash from the fire of your “used to be” is all it takes to bring that burning flame back. Realizing that you’re worth the opportunity to feel that fire again and always. As with all things in life, your fitness
journey may not be exactly as it was. With that though brings the opportunity for a new beginning. A new and better you. Seize your day, your hour, your moment.

You are always worth it!

Sage Hansen